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Q184 Galactic Search Challenge GSC4 Plane Boundaries

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:23 pm
by Robot
Q184: GSC4 states "The ROBOT must start in the Start Zone with any part of its BUMPERS breaking the vertical plane defined by B1/D1." Does this plane extend all the way to the boundaries of the Challenge Space, or does it stop at the points B1/D1? So can a robot start with its bumpers intersecting anywhere along the 1 column of points (for example intersecting A1 or E1) or does the robot need to explicitly start between points B1 and D1?
The vertical plane extends infinitely, so provided the ROBOT's BUMPERS break the plane at any point, it's in compliance with GSC4 (i.e. the location of the plane break does not have to be between B1 and D1).
(Asked by 1983
at Apr 7th 21)