Adding Shared Google Drive folder to local hard drive

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Adding Shared Google Drive folder to local hard drive

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A good way to share the cade is using google drive shared folders and the Google "Backup and Sync" tool.

1) Install Google Backup and Sync ( )
2) Select which folder you want to have synced from the drive to your local hard drive. Any changes to the folder will automatically get synced to the google drive.
3) Get the google folder shared with you.
4) Follow these instructions to add the shared folder into your drive -

This should cause the cad files to get download to your machine. And any changes someone else makes will also show up in your drive. You can open the file directly from you hard drive using solidworks.

Be careful because any changes you make will get sync back to the cloud and down to other people's machine. A good idea might be to make backups with your name before you mess with stuff.

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